CalColor Atelier Beginning Students FAQ

I have zero experience in art and feel like I have no talent towards it, will I fit in to the Atelier program?


The atelier program teaches a tried and true method of drawing and painting that anyone who is willing to try will gain a grasp on its concept. Like learning mathematics, students of the atelier will be learning the basic formulas and theories of successful drawing. So  long as students put in the patience and time, it is possible to anyone whether if students feel that they have “Talent” or not. Most students who excel in the atelier are usually those who have never held a pencil before and never thought they could be able to draw. 


I may not be able to attend some classes due to schedule conflicts, will there be makeup classes available? 


 Due to the Atelier being a skill based training program, all students are working at their own pace. Students who have more sporadic schedules can still make steady progress as every time they come back to the Atelier, they will just continue working on their own assignments. Makeup classes are readily available for students. Please refer to this link for our Makeup Class Policy.

What if I am not as good as everyone else starting out?

Students advance throughout the Atelier at their own steady pace. Some students are slower, some are faster, but all will improve and grow at a pace that makes sense to them as individuals. Students who have a start slow tend to excel once they start getting the hang of the techniques covered, which, comes at a different rate for everyone, but will definitely happen regardless. 

What is the class atmosphere like?

Students are taught how to work independently at the very start of their Atelier training on Day 1. The atmosphere of the class is a focused, quiet, and nurturing environment where students will not only be learning from the instructor, but also gaining inspiration from each other. Instructor demos will be a constant occurrence students can expect so it is recommended students make a habit of taking notes during each lecture and demo.

Will everyone graduate the Atelier with the same style of art? Will I be allowed a chance to get creative?

Like learning sentence and grammar constructions before becoming a writer, the musical notes before composing, or the ins and outs of tuning and understanding your instrument before playing music, students are taught the language of drawing and painting. Students will be taught how to "see" and translate what they see visually on a two dimensional surface from a non objective perspective. For example, teaching students how to draw an eye, nose, flower, etc. will most likely limit the student in only knowing how to draw that specific eye, that specific nose, etc under that specific lighting situation. Instead, we strive to teach students how to break form and simplify information that they perceive from life in order to strengthen and expand their visual vocabulary. Students after learning the foundations will be at a high level of skill to do whatever it is that pleases them artistically, and they will find that whatever they are trying to express will come to them a lot easier. The atelier training method is meant to help students ga

I don't like drawing and/or had enough experience with it, Is it alright if I can just skip ahead to painting

While many prospective students may think of painting as more fun or easy, it is actually quite the opposite. Drawing is the backbone of painting. Students who skip straight to painting will immediately begin to recognize the difficulties especially if their drawing ability is not yet structurally sound. Students who complete the drawing program will master structure, value, edge control, and composition so that when they advance towards painting, the only knowledge that needs to be gained afterwards is the foundations of color mixing and theory.