Courses & Workshops

In association with CalColor Academy, CalColor Atelier is a branch art program focused on teaching traditional art techniques modeled after the French Academies of the 19th century. Our mission is to teach students the language and science of drawing & painting, and to prepare students with strong essential foundations. We strive to enable students to utilize the techniques they’ve learned, in order for them to convey any artistic vision they wish to achieve. 

The Atelier is split up into two courses, Drawing and Painting. Our mission is to respect and honor the fact that everyone learns and grows at different rates, and we try to support students in fully understanding the mastery over material and assignments before they advance within their studies.



There is a total of 9 levels/assignments in total. Each student will advance through each assignment at their own pace. 

Level 1 - Bargue Drawing (Intro to the 6 Measurements)

Level 2 - Bargue Drawing (Intro to Value/Refinement)

Level 3 - Bargue Drawing (Intro to Transition)

Level 4 - Bargue Drawing (Advance Copy)

Level 5 - Bargue Drawing (Block In Training)

Level 6 - Cast Sculpture Drawing (Graphite)

Level 7 - Cast Sculpture Drawing (Charcoal)

Level 8 - Master Study Assignment 

Level 9 - Personal Project

The drawing program is a pre-requisite program that students need to complete before advancing to the Painting program.


In the Painting Program, students who graduated from the Drawing Course will be introduce to Oil Paint. 

Throughout the program, students will gain knowledge on color theory, edge control, and different painting techniques.
The techniques include, Alla Prima (Wet on Wet), Open/Closed Grisaille, Indirect Painting, and many more.

The initial goal for this course is for students to achieve maturity and professionalism within their work.  



The Atelier is proud to offer Workshops taught by national and internationally known artists. We believe that in order for students to grow as artists, it is important to constantly be exposed to different methods and art styles. Since its opening of one year, The Atelier has hosted artists such as Jacob Hankinson and Zin Lim, with many more that will be invited for future workshop events.   



CalColor Atelier was founded by Kai Lun Qu in July 2018. Serving as a branch program associated with CalColor Academy in Cupertino, the Atelier program is meant to serve as an art studio for students who truly wish to learn proper drawing and painting techniques. The Atelier’s mission belief is that anyone can learn how to draw and paint with proper instructions and mileage in practice — even you have zero experience. (Many students who achieve success within the Atelier were all complete beginners with no prior artistic education). 

Kai Lun Qu immigrated with his parents from China shortly after he was born and grew up in San Francisco, California. Being raised in an artistic family, he ventured to learn drawing and painting from world renowned artists such as Daniel Keys , Timothy Rees and Michelle Dunaway.  He graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Arts.

In 2018, He was one of twenty-six recipients chosen out of nearly 3000 entries to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence for his painting Ashton in the 20th Annual International Portrait Society of America Competition. He has also been the winning recipient of the Robert Gamblin Paint Prize, National Congressional Art Competition, and the Art of the Portrait Grant from the Portrait Society of America. His work has been included and published by the likes of Southwest Art Magazine, Poets and Artist Magazine, and PleinAir Magazine.

Kai has exhibited in Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, US Capitol Building in Washington D.C., and the Schuler School of Fine Arts, Maryland Art Place, and Crystal Moll Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Kai is currently an Accredited Member of the Maryland Society of Portrait Painter.